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Criminal Lawyers Perth

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Criminal Lawyers Perth

Drug Charges

If you have been charged with a drug offence we can help you get a good outcome and protect your future.

Assault Charges

Being charged with assault can be extremely stressful. Our expert criminal defence team can help you put your best case forward.

Family Violence

If you have been charged with assault involving a member of your family it is very important that you speak to lawyers who specialise in this field.

Fraud & Corporate Crime

Fraud offences relate to corporate crime, otherwise known as white collar crime. If you have been charged with fraud, it’s very important that you speak to a lawyer with experience in this field.

Traffic Offences

We are very experienced in all traffic offences and have a track record of getting satisfactory outcomes for our clients.


If you feel the outcome of your criminal matter was incorrect we can help you launch an appeal with the goal of having the ruling overturned.

Criminal Lawyers Perth

We can advise you and help you make informed decisions with a view to the getting the best possible outcome in relation to all areas of criminal law including assault charges, drugs charges, fraud charges, restraining orders, stealing charges, traffic charges and criminal appeals.

We are experienced lawyers capable of helping in traffic matters, suspension of licences, crime commission proceedings, and coronial requests and inquires by police during the investigations. Equitas Lawyers stand firmly behind our clients irrespective of the charges they might be facing. We will fight to protect the rights of our clients and build a defence case that is strong.

Equitas Lawyers is a well-established boutique criminal law practice with a growing reputation for excellence in criminal law. We have a team of talented and highly dedicated lawyers, experienced in all areas of criminal law including: assault offences, drug offences, sex offences, traffic offences, homicide offences and criminal appeals.

We also provide legal advice and representation in relation to bail applications, extraordinary drivers’ licence applications, and general criminal process including police interviews, arrests and warrants.
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